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Steve Yip, February 7, 2021

Corky Lee’s reputation was burnished many years ago. As many know, he prided himself as the “undisputed, unofficial Asian American photographer laureate.” And that was no joke.

Corky’s reputation preceded him when he paid a visit to investigate the Asian American movement in the West Coast circa 1971 visiting the “liberated zone” on the Kearny Street block as one of his stops. …

Richard Aoki — A Personal Remembrance.

It was with a stunning jolt that I received news of Richard Aoki’s passing last week when my daughter called to inform me of the news. Richard was an icon of the Asian American radical movement and played a role bringing forth many to confront the imperialist system. The following is a brief memorial of this brother who never compromised with this system.

Richard Aoki, a founder with Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, and a Field Marshal, of the Black Panther Party — and an OG of the Asian American radical movement, a leader…

June 15–21, 2001 AsianWeek:

The African American Struggle Is Our Struggle

Dear Editor: In spring 2000, SUNY Binghamton, in western New York, saw a round of intense on-campus activity against an incident of anti-Asian violence. As a revolutionary political activist and veteran of the Asian American movement, I traveled from New York City to Binghamton where I had been invited to speak at a campus rally in support of the four Asian American students attacked and beaten by a gang of white frat boys.

At the rally, there were two African American faculty members who not only marched in…

August 4, 2020

I’m sharing the below, which was written and shared with certain persons at my job. It was written before Charlottesville’s March of the Right, where the openly racists and fascists alt-right took to the streets to announce themselves in the grossest and vile manner. This was written when people began to confront that the Chinese immigrant community was generally not moved by the wholesale roundups of other immigrants around the country by the Trump/Pence regime. What is the challenge?


April 24, 2017 — Morality and Responsibility in the Time of Trump

A Personal Introduction

I offer…

Dear Friends

Like you, I have been at home looking out the window or getting bored just watching TV for almost a month.

Notes responding to Dr. Kenny Kwong’s “Asian-American Social Workers’ Career. Stress, and Well-Being Study” by Steve Yip, November 15, 2019

Let’s start from the end backwards: Dr. Kenny Kwong’s conclusion that “Maintaining recruitment and retention of Asian-American social workers may require changes not only in social work education but also in the culture, practices, and conditions of their employment,” deserves further dialogue and action.

In order to advance, sustain and support a growing cohort of Asian and Asian American social work professionals, we need to initiate and cultivate a significant cultural shift, a transformation.

Steve Yip

Steve Yip has over 35 years of experience working for large multi-social service & health care institutions. A co-editor of Legacy to Liberation (AK Press).

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